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                      Celebrating Community for 20 Years!                          August 2016


A LOOK Reality television stars
INSIDE return to Celebration

                      Make dreams come true for children
                      with life-threatening illnesses

                      By Bethany Huff

  Coming October 1    For the eighth year in a row, a long                                                                                 Sandra Diaz-Twine
         See Page 15  list of television’s top reality stars will
                      be joining the Hearts of Reality event                                                The event, hosted by Lexin
             THE BUS  taking place in Celebration from                                                      Capital/Celebration Town
                      Thursday, August 11 to Saturday,                                                      Center, offers a chance to take
 Area students need   August 13.                                                                            pictures with and get auto-
    your donations                                                                                          graphs from the reality stars
         See Page 19  Over 100 reality stars from hit shows                                                 for a $50 donation to GKTW,
                                                                                                            which also includes a commem-
Celebration Resident  such as “Amazing Race,” “Survivor,”                          orative autograph booklet. A $75 special combo
      Wins Award                                                                   ticket will also be available which gives admission
         See Page 39  “Big Brother,” and “Sy Fy’s Face Off,”                       to the autograph signing and to the 80’s themed
                                                                                   party on Saturday night, where there will be Survivor
                      will raise funds for Give Kids The                           Karaoke, food, drinks and more. The party will
                                                                                   also be open to the public for a $50 donation and
                      World (GKTW), which helps children                           those tickets will only be available at the door the
                                                                                   night of the event and based on availability.
                      with life-threatening illnesses live out
                                                                                   Participants scheduled to attend Hearts of Reality
                      their dreams and enjoy a magical             Caleb Reynolds  include: Boston Rob (Survivor winner & Amazing
                      vacation in Central Florida. During                          Race contestant), Sandra Diaz-Twine (2-time Survivor
                                                                                   winner) Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl (The Amazing
                      this three-day event, guests will be able to meet,           Race/ Youtube stars), Mark Long (MTV Personality),
                                                                                   Caleb Reynolds (Survivor & Big Brother), Joey &
                      socialize and party with their favorite reality stars.       Kelsey (Amazing Race winners) and many others.

                      “We are delighted that the Hearts of Reality                                                                        Continued on page 4
                                                     television stars will once
                                                     again share their time and
                                                     talents with our precious
                                                     wish children,” GKTW
                                                     president Pamela
                                                     Landwirth said. “Their
                                                     participation helps bring
                                                     awareness and critical
                                                     funding to our mission
                                                     of creating the happiness
                                                     that inspires hope for
                                                     children battling life-
                                                     threatening illnesses.”

                      Michele Fitzgerald

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