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                                   T E C H N O LO G Y • E D U C AT I O N • P L AC E • H E A LT H • C O M M U N I T Y

                  Celebrating Community for 20 Years!                                                                     September 2016


Thriving In Place                                   Dog park holds formal ground breaking
– One year later
                                                    Four legged residents had their tails wagging with   Hanson, Walter and Associates, with construction
                                                    excitement, as a project that was years in the mak-
                                                    ing finally came to fruition, as the Celebration     being handled by McCree General Contractor, Inc.
                                                    Residential Owners Association (CROA) broke
                                                    ground on the community’s new dog park.              Bumpus and Associates also assisted on the project,

                                                                                                         handling the bid process and acting as the owner’s

                                                                                                         representative.               Continued on page 7

                                                    A formal ceremony was held on
                                                    Monday, August 15 at the site of the
                                                    new, yet to be named park, in the
                                                    civic corridor. Current and former
                                                    members of the CROA Board,
                                                    representatives from other Celebration
                                                    entities and residents took part in
                                                    the brief ceremony.

Marc Middleton, founder and CEO                     Slated to open later this year, the dog
of Growing Bolder is coming back to                 park was designed by the firm of
take a look at out how Thriving in
Place is doing one year after its launch.           Pink on Parade 5K raises money to help
                                                    local breast cancer patients recover
If you missed his presentation last
October, you missed a dynamic,                      Registration fees                                    Celebration Health, for being instrumental in her
engaging and entertaining speaker.                  fund health                                          new lease on life.
                                                    packages for
Marc speaks regularly on positive                   women after                                          Pink on Parade is the result of Dr. Ivanov’s passion
aging, personal reinvention, chasing                treatment.                                           for creating a breast cancer program that puts
and achieving dreams, the keys to                                                                        women battling the disease on the path to wellness.
active longevity and the power of                   Linda Chisholm is about to take part                 Proceeds from the race fund treatment packages
storytelling. He was impressed the                  in her fourth Pink on Parade 5K – and feels          for recovering breast-cancer patients at Florida
Celebration Foundation took on the                  fortunate for the chance to do so.                   Hospital. Chisholm received one of the packages
challenge of creating a program for                                                                      after she went through treatment, and knows
seniors in our community.                           Chisholm first took part as a show of support for    firsthand how valuable they are.
                                                    a close friend in 2013. Since then she herself was
Let’s see how he thinks we are doing.               diagnosed with the disease, underwent treatment,
                                                    and today is cancer-free.
                               Continued on page 5
                                                    She credits Dr. Olga Ivanov, a breast surgeon
                                                    and breast cancer specialist at Florida Hospital     The Wellness packages included as part of

                                                                                                         Dr. Ivanov’s treatment program include lymphatic

                                                                                                         massage, acupuncture, and sessions with

                                                                                                         nutritionists and trainers – all provided at no

                                                                                                         charge to the patient and funded through proceeds

                                                                                                         collected by Pink on Parade.  Continued on page 3

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